Herning Gymnasium . C.F. Møller. Photo: Thomas Mølvig

Herning Gymnasium

The extension creates not just extra space, but also better physical and visual links between the existing buildings, together with an interior design that is lighter, more open and flexible.
 Herning Gymnasium . C.F. Møller. Photo: Thomas Mølvig


Region Midtjylland (vor 2007 Ringkøbing Amt)


Herning, Danmark


13.000 m²




Oluf Jørgensen


C.F. Møller Architects

  • Aluminium in Renovation Building Award, Nordic Nominee. 2007

The original single-storey main building of the school has been replaced by a new two-storey building. The new building receives and unites the movements of the location through an entrance hall with a split-level foyer and common area, where daylight from a long skylight creates and reinforces the visual contact with the upper floor.

The rebuilding adds new study areas and multi-functional rooms which are appropriate to modern forms of teaching. The premises are also grouped according to function, e.g. administration, humanities and scientific subjects.

The architectural expression takes its cue from the existing buildings built in 1972, which, typically for that era, are equipped with facades of vertical, grey concrete slabs and common window sections. The new property plays upon these repeated rhythms, but at the same time counterbalances the heavy character of the concrete: the building body is clad in aluminium and ends in a characteristic red gable with a light, rounded shape and a floating appearance. The western end of the new building is clad in cedar, which radiates a warmth that contrasts with the metal.

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