Renseanlæg Øst (Purification plant) Staff Building. C.F. Møller. Photo: Martin Schubert

Renseanlæg Øst (Purification plant) Staff Building

The DGNB-certified staff building at Renseanlæg Øst creates optimal space for employees in close interaction with the surroundings.
 Renseanlæg Øst (Purification plant) Staff Building. C.F. Møller. Photo: Martin Schubert


Aalborg Forsyning Kloak A/S


Aalborg, Denmark


650 m²




Storentreprise: Færch, MTS, Uggerly Installation


Krüger, Frandsen og Søndergaard (underrådgiver)


C.F. Møller Architects

Renseanlæg Øst has been expanded several times, and the plan for the area has become increasingly more complex. The new staff building builds on the important elements of the context and the landscape. Furthermore, it creates continuity in the area and ensures that the area can be strengthened in the future by following the existing lines in the landscape. Important landscape elements are maintained so that existing lines in the landscape and materials have a coherent character throughout the purification plant. A clear arrival area has been created at the purification plant as well as a better flow of traffic through the area by demolishing the existing staff building and closing down an existing road.

Optimised allocation of functions

The staff building has two primary entrances, a dirty and a clean entrance. The dirty entrance contains a dirty clothes cloakroom, a dirty changing room for the bathroom, sauna and a clean changing room. Thus one gradually becomes cleaner as one moves through the building towards the foyer at the clean main entrance. The clean entrance contains the administrative section with offices, meeting rooms, an auditorium and lunch room. A laboratory will be added to the new staff building, which thus brings together all the purification plant's workplaces in one building. The two parts of the building are connected by a foyer, as the unifying arrival room, and the operations manager's office, from which there is direct access, and visual contact with the other parts of the building. Its position also allows for easy access to daily contact with the operating staff at the facility. The building is made of few, robust materials, which create coherence with the existing building mass and contribute to the new building appearing modern and attractive. The car park is being constructed as a large green forecourt, which helps to emphasise the building's function as the main building at the purification plant.

The building is DGNB Silver certified.

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