PLINT furniture series for offices. C.F. Møller. Photo: Dencon

PLINT furniture series for offices

Plint is a multifunctional furniture series that supports the layout of the flexible office of the future. The office of the future is modular and continuously changes character depending on architecture, trends, digital opportunities and new forms of collaboration. The Plint series is created for this reality and provides an opportunity to adapt the furniture to the needs we have right now, in the near future or in the long term.
 PLINT furniture series for offices. C.F. Møller. Photo: Dencon





The basic elements in the series are a Plinth (socket) and a Cube, which together offer countless combinations and applications. The plinth makes it easy to run cables across the entire installation and is designed as a base for the Cubes and other storage elements, waste separation bins, whiteboards and coat racks. The terminal also functions as a low room divider that can be used for storage or as an electrical box and is equipped with a practical lid that is intended for the easy charging of a mobile phone, iPad or bicycle battery.

Endless combinations

The smallest and central storage element is the Cube measuring 40x40x40 cm. The Cube is designed so that the top forms a practical tray that allows you to exhibit or store things. It can be used alone directly on the floor or as, for example, a side table in a lounge setting. Connectors under the base fit into the tray and make it possible to stack several cubes and make an overall arrangement that is tailored exactly to your specific needs. A varied appearance can be created in an arrangement by rotating the cubes so that the materials and colours of the surfaces are experienced in new combinations.

The cubes can be fitted with drawers or with a door. With a cushion on top, one or more Cubes can form a row for seating with storage or lockers underneath.

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