Vestersøhus. C.F. Møller. Photo: Jannick Børlum


Functionalist housing block at the Copenhagen lakes.
 Vestersøhus. C.F. Møller


Copenhagen, Danmark


242 apartments, 10 shops and 1 hotel with 43 rooms




Kay Fisker and C.F. Møller

Vestersøhus was built in two phases in 1935 an 1939. The balcony was one of the 1930's main improvements in housing standards, and Vestersøhus shows a masterful integration and interlacing of balconies and bay-windows. Instead of attaching the balcony to the outside of the building, it is instead recessed to give a wider and more useable space, at the same time providing a large glazed corner window to the living room. The two top floors of the building have wider balconies spanning two bays, to create roof-terraces. Altogether this creates a rythmical, varied composition which modulates the almost 500 metre facade and gives the whole block a sculptural appearance.

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