HSB 2023 - Fleminggatan. C.F. Møller

HSB 2023 - Fleminggatan

Winning design for the transformation of an office buildings in central Stockholm to innovative and sustainable housing. Vibrant city life, parks and a jetty on the doorstep. Flexible accommodation in small and large apartments appealing to everyone from students through to families with children and senior citizens.
 HSB 2023 - Fleminggatan. C.F. Møller


HSB Stockholm


Stockholm, Sverige


29.000 m² (9,450 m² new-built)




1. Preis im Architekturwettbewerb. 2013


Tyréns, AKT II


C.F. Møller Architects in cooperation with DinellJohansson


C.F. Møller Architects in cooperation with DinellJohansson

Weitere Kooperationspartner

Transsolar, DeBrand

  • 1. Preis im Architekturwettbewerb. 2013

And the layout of both the apartment complex and the apartments themselves allow residents to make the most of their whole day, whilst also making it easy to live sustainably. These are the corner stones of the proposal.

The idea behind the proposal is to retain a large proportion of the existing brick office building, and add a lamellar house and two smaller tower blocks between the buildings - a solution which, together with the jetty and new terraced stairs facing the water, opens up the buildings to their surroundings and creates a new, recreational meeting place in central Stockholm.

All three new buildings have a characteristic façade and a wooden structure. The mixed architecture creates the possibility for a resource-efficient and durable housing project, just as it provides opportunities for many different apartment types, all equipped with glass balconies.

A staffed lobby area on the ground floor with, for example, a walk-in fridge for take-away food and the opportunity to book bicycles and cars from the shared residents’ pool is one of many initiatives for helping with everyday life for residents. In the apartments, sustainable living is supported by, for example, initiatives such as kitchen cupboard solutions that include waste sorting - on wheels, making it easier to dispose of your waste.

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