Alvik Tower. C.F. Møller. Photo: Robin Hayes

Alvik Tower

Alvik Tower is a sculptural housing complex on the waterfront in Bromma, known as a garden city in the Stockholm metropolitan area, with close proximity to Lake Mälaren and several nature reserves.
 Alvik Tower. C.F. Møller. Photo: Mikael Olsson


PEAB Sverige AB


Stockholm, Sverige


32.500 m²




1. Preis im Architekturwettbewerb. 2008


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 'Årets Betongarkitekt' (concrete architect of the year). 2016
  • 1. Preis im Architekturwettbewerb. 2008

The site forms a transition zone between the city and the landscape, which has inspired the architecture. The development with 151 apartments - a fractured block of nine storeys and a landmark 18-storey tower divided into two parts - draws its angles and lines from the steepness and structure of the mountains bordering the lake Mälaren.

The layout provides each residence generous amounts of daylight and views. At the same time, the solution provides free areas which are used as squares and public spaces. With restaurants and shops on the ground floor, a large and lush courtyard and a central square oriented towards the city, the development enhances the urban environment for all residents in the area.

The tower houses the larger apartments, with multiple aspects and spacious terraces, while the lower wing houses maisonette-type homes with balconies and roof-top terraces. The sculptural angles and pre-fabricated white polished terrazzo facades give the development a bright and interesting appearance, which varies with the many different lines of sight from the surrounding city.

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