Banebyparken and Banebystien. C.F. Møller. Photo: Silas Smed Andersen

Banebyparken and Banebystien

Baneby Park and Baneby pathway create a unique natural environment in the Banebyen district, enhancing the quality of life in the dense city and contributing to defining Banebyen's identity.
 Banebyparken and Banebystien. C.F. Møller. Photo: Silas Smed Andersen


Viborg Kommune


Viborg, Denmark


10,000 m²




Viborg Ingeniørerne


C.F. Møller Architects

Banebyen (Railway City) in Viborg follows a classic development narrative, where former industrial and railway areas are transformed into a new residential zone. Baneby Park and Baneby pathway together form a green and inclusive urban space, a part of a cohesive network of pathways offering diverse experiences and activities catering to all age groups. The project establishes a natural environment that promotes a high quality of life within the compact city.

Covering approximately 10,000 m2, Baneby Parkoffers a wide range of adventure and recreational opportunities. The park serves as a central urban, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding pathway systems. The "Meeting Point" within the park features a central pavilion structure offering playful activities, spaces for relaxation, and diverse landscaping. The valley and the lake within the park provide areas for leisure and activities, emphasising movement, sensory experiences, and nature, while also functioning as rainwater management in Banebyen. Consequently, the significant declines in the park contribute not only as recreational spaces but also as areas with special utility when heavy rain occurs.

The pavilion takes the form of a staircase, providing various options for hanging out. It is an integral part of the overarching narrative throughout Baneby Park. Running through the park, the "Experience Route" guides visitors through different activities and stories, appealing to all generations.

Prioritising cyclists and pedestrians

Baneby pathway is a new thoroughfare connecting Banebyen with its surroundings. Primarily established along existing roads and pathways, the pathway is designed with pedestrians and cyclists in mind. It stretches from Hærvejen to Brovej, further to Søndermarksvej via Tulipanvej and Klosterhaven. The trail links important points such as a bridge over Banevejen, Midtbyens Gymnasium, Banebypladsen, Alhedestien, and the underpass towards Gl. Århusvej. The Experience Route aligns with the Baneby pathway in the park, connecting the two routes. The common thread between these two pathways are the green and recreational aspects, unifying the entire area.

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