Haga Palett residential district, Landscape. C.F. Møller. Photo: Nordr

Haga Palett residential district, Landscape

Along Solnavägen in Stockholm, Haga Palett is growing and creating new inviting and functional courtyard environments. The project includes three major courtyards and a preschool playground, which are divided into three phases.
 Haga Palett residential district, Landscape. C.F. Møller


Credentia AB


Stockholm, Sweden


9,300 m2




C.F. Møller Architects

Haga Palett is a new vibrant residential district that connects the inner city with the suburb of Solna and all the way to the district Gamla Råsunda. The vision is to create attractive living environments in an urban setting. Along Solnavägen, a wide boulevard is being developed with tree planting, shops and generous sidewalks. The residential gardens are on beams and reflect functional spaces adapted for a living environment with a natural connection to the existing surroundings.

Green living rooms

The courtyards are designed to function as inviting and green living spaces for the residents, with a focus on living and activity spaces as well as functional solutions such as storage and bicycle parking. There is a gathering place with a barbecue, a play area for small children, an outdoor gym, communal terraces overlooking Solnavägen, and grassy areas for hanging out, playing ball and picnicking.

The site's elevation differences and close proximity to existing blocks have required technical solutions for design and stormwater management. The courtyards are placed one floor up, and the backyard of the block provides a quiet atmosphere and serves as a gathering space for the residents. The landscape naturally cuts into the mountain, forming green oases framed by rock cutting.

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