Bestseller Logistics Centre, Landscape. C.F. Møller. Photo: Adam Mørk

Bestseller Logistics Centre, Landscape

The center is inscribed on the 65ha site by the overall landscape concept of an inner landscape circle. Internally it is defined by the edge of the 10 ha new woodland planting and a 5ha lake which inner edge likewise defines the arch.
 Bestseller Logistics Centre, Landscape. C.F. Møller




Haderslev, Denmark


65 ha




Züblin HedeDanmark


Rambøll A/S


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

The form connects to the existing landscape context, with the existing woodlands and how the lakes perimeter is loosely defined by the sites existing topography. The relation to the broader landscape is as well emphasis by vistas from the center that makes it an integrate element in the motorway landscape toward the east and create an open link southward towards the surrounding farmland.

The building takes the form of solid, sculptural volumes, clad with wooden slats. The Centre has been planned to occupy three parallel bands connected to a roughly 1 km long willow avenue flanked by 300m drainage canal that forms a landscape feature itself. Staff and visitors parking is as well connected to the main avenue adjacent to the office and welfare facilities through an entrance and parking area with meandering retaining walls that accentuates the sites natural topography.

A landscape entrance plaza, roof gardens and internal courtyards allow daylight to enter and create an intimacy with the landscape and the views, including the local farmland.

There has been a strong focus on sustainability in the planning, e.g. the use of surrounding natural oak woods, wetlands and meadows with grazing cows, which will create a fertile environment for a rich flora and fauna.

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