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The Heart in Ikast - Activity Park

Dynamic and sustainable of activity landscape around ‘The Heart’ – Ikast’s new gathering and activity point that brings together teaching, sport, leisure, culture and social elements.


Mjøsfronten is a 50,000 square meter lakeside area in Hamar municipality, Norway. The project aims to create a vibrant meeting place and connect the city of Hamar closer to Lake Mjøsa, Norway's largest lake.

Aarhus Blueline

Landscape concept for the south pier at the new outer harbour in Aarhus, with stone reefs, lagoon and biodiversity initiatives as well as bastions for fishing, sports and leisure.

Carlsberg Central Office Landscape and renovation of Carl Jacobsens Garden

The Carlsberg headquarters’ landscape solution bridges the gap between past and present, internal and external, and public and private, with climate adaptation as the focal points.

Aalborg Waterfront

Masterplan for Aalborg Waterfront, re-establishing the link between the strait and the city's medieval centre with a promenade.

The Climate Ribbon in Randers

Climate adaptation project that demonstrates that sea level rise, storm surges and increasing cloudbursts are not a challenge, but an opportunity to strengthen local identity, urban connection and increase the value of future urban development.

Copenhagen International School, Landscape

A playful landscape surrounding the new Copenhagen International School at Nordhavn, Copenhagen, sets the framework for play and activities for all of the school's age groups.

Bestseller Office Complex, Landscape

Outdoor areas, green courtyard atriums and design of rooftop gardens in connection with Bestseller’s office building at Aarhus Harbour.

Aarhus University campus park

University campus landscaped in the 1930s and continually renovated and expanded with new outdoor areas in line with the park's overall layout, choice of material and use.

The Boat Park

Climate adaptation and development of the Vestby by the Limfjord in Aalborg will protect against flooding and create an attractive fjord and park area connecting the water with the city while supporting the area’s identity.

Sixtus Battery

Restoration of the listed fortification Battery Sixtus on Holmen.

Danevirke Landscape Concept

Landscape concept at the Dannevirke fortification which improves the communication of important attractions, orientation, accessibility, and leisure opportunities. Meanwhile it protects the historic monument and its surroundings in the archaeological park.

Stigsborg Waterfront, Urban spaces and Landscape

Transformation of an old industrial area into a new attractive district in central Aalborg. The ambition is to become the greenest district in Aalborg and pass down the DNA of the historic city centre.
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