Danevirke Landscape Concept. C.F. Møller

Danevirke Landscape Concept

Together with Hedeby, the Dannevirke Fortress was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2018. Dannevirke is a combination of ramparts, walls and wetlands that run across the old Danish province of South Schleswig in what is now northern Germany. Increasing visitor numbers and a planned new museum building have created a need for better traffic integration, attractive trails, information points and visitor facilities around the fortifications, which are considered the largest ancient monument in the Nordic region.
 Danevirke Landscape Concept. C.F. Møller


Dannewerk Municipality


Dannewerk, Germany


6 ha.




Rohwer Ingenieure


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

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The landscape concept includes the central area around the Main Wall, the Kovirke Wall, the North Wall and the Krum Wall. It includes parts of the ancient army road, historic forts and redoubts, the drained former Dannevirke Lake, as well as the central archaeological park at Danevirke Museum, where, among other things, Valdemar's Wall from the 12th century, the Gate to the North and a cannon redoubt from the Schleswig Wars are important attractions.

By creating new looped walkways that connect the site's many highlights, visitors are guided to entirely new experiences, while accessibility is increased, and the archaeological substance is protected from wear and tear. This will be achieved in part through raised, floating Corten steel paths on or over the most sensitive parts of the monument and the natural environment.

Strengthening the communication of history

At the Gateway to the North, the section-profile of the rampart has been recreated from earlier archaeological excavations in abstract form as a silhouette. And at the remains of Valdemar's Wall, a new viewing platform allows visitors to experience the original height and impact of the fortifications in the landscape. Elsewhere along the extensive fortifications, interpretive points in the form of Corten steel sections illustrate the design of the ramparts through different historical eras, complemented by seating and, in some places, shelters for overnight visitors.

In addition to communicative and touristic aspects, the landscape concept places emphasis on enhancing the natural values of the area, for example by creating a new wetland area at Dannevirke Lake, and on improving activity areas, recreation facilities and meeting points such as playgrounds and festival areas for the local community to use all year round.

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