New Helsingborg Hospital. C.F. Møller

New Helsingborg Hospital

A new, modern and future-proof hospital district of approximately 200,000 square metres in Helsingborg in Sweden, that will improve both the quality of care and the working environment. The project is part of a larger contiguous urban area that is currently being planned.
 New Helsingborg Hospital. C.F. Møller


Region Skåne


Helsingborg, Sweden


200,000 m²




Ramboll Sverige AB


C.F. Møller Architects Krook & Tjäder Arkitektkontor AB Carlstedt Arkitekter AB

A new hospital is planned for Östra Ramlösa in Helsingborg, where the municipality is also planning an entire new district. Östra Ramlösa is approximately five kilometres from the centre of Helsingborg, and the aim is to create an attractive, vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood with a unique character and green values. The assignment involves developing a concept for a new hospital with an estimated operational requirement of approximately 200,000 square metres. If implemented, this will be the largest ongoing hospital project in Sweden.

Future healthcare needs

A modern, sustainable and future-proof hospital district is planned, with the aim of improving the quality of care and the working environment, flexibility with the possibility of growth over time, and an emergency hospital well equipped to meet future requirements. The new hospital plans will include an acute hospital with psychiatric facilities, high-tech care, wards, clinics, laboratory medicine, service functions and technology, as well as administration. It will also include the necessary infrastructure, above and below ground, as well as parks and nature areas.

The project as a whole will take around 11-13 years to complete, starting with a feasibility study which will form the basis for a new detailed plan. The assignment will start in January 2022.

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