TrygFondens Family House. C.F. Møller. Photo: Poul Nyholm

TrygFonden's Family House

This house is a patient hotel for the families of seriously ill children admitted to the New University Hospital in Aarhus for periods of time which make it difficult for them to maintain a good home life.
 TrygFondens Family House. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer


Region Midtjylland


Aarhus, Denmark


1,400 m² - 12 family rooms




Rådgivergruppen DNU


Rådgivergruppen DNU

Collaborators, other

Trygfonden - 'De små glæders Legat'

The idea behind the building, which has been created on the basis of many highly committed user interviews, has been to offer a psychological oasis for the families – users expressed the wish for a place with an almost holiday cottage-like atmosphere.

The building is placed in a clearing in the newly-planted mixed woodland area north of the hospital. It has been quite deliberately located on the far side of the hospital ring road, so that family life can be kept separate from the everyday life of the hospital, while remaining within walking distance of the children's ward. In harmony with its location in natural surroundings, the family house has facades of oak strips – an expression which is also in marked contrast to the red brick of the hospital.

A round shape was chosen for the building because this shape is ideal for creating both spaces that give families an opportunity to seek privacy with time for reflection, and spaces that make it possible to share their joys and sorrows with others. The apartments – the private spaces – have been placed around the periphery of the circle, so that all of the residents can enjoy views of the forest and wildlife from sheltered terraces and large living-rooms with panoramic vistas. All of the apartments have their own kitchenettes. A unifying element is the verdant inner courtyard. Large glass panels open the building up to the courtyard, which has a playground in the centre of the greenery. Adjacent to the courtyard is a large communal kitchen and an adjoining lounge with a fireplace, overlooking the courtyard. Other common, unifying facilities include a computer/schoolroom, and a room for play, exercise and music.

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