Danish Poster Museum in The Old Town. C.F. Møller. Photo: Jakob Tjellesen

Danish Poster Museum in The Old Town

The Danish Poster Museum is part of the newly added Modern Town in the Old Town, Aarhus' National Open Air Museum of Urban History and Culture, as a contemporary exhibition facility in a re-created 19th century urban setting. The architectural goal of The Modern Town in The Old Town is to collect and exhibit a representative sample of the types of buildings which were mainly erected in the working-class districts, but also in market towns and larger villages, in the period 1870-1940.


Den Gamle by


Aarhus, Denmark


800 m²



Client consultant

Rambøll A/S


Flere (fagentreprise)


Ingeniørfirmaet Viggo Madsen


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

The Danish Poster Museum contains 800 m2 of exhibition space, partly in the new building, partly in a listed historic pavilion, by architect Anton Rosen, a relic from the National Exhibition in Aarhus in 1909. The new building is laid out as simple and elegant atelier spaces, lit by a generous skylight. The light, rendered interiors are suitable for varied exhibition purposes.

The museums collection comprise 400.000 posters from 126 different countries, all collected personally by the museum's director Peder Stougaard - undoubtedly the largest and broadest collection in the world.

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