Kristiansund Opera and Culture Centre. C.F. Møller

Kristiansund Opera and Culture Centre

At the very heart of Kristiansund, C.F. Møller Architects has designed the city's next cultural hub – the combined location of various different cultural institutions that will vitalise the street environment and create a new urban meeting place for the general public.
 Kristiansund Opera and Culture Centre. C.F. Møller


The Municipality of Kristiansund


Kristiansund, Norway


10,000 m²




1st prize in architectural competition. 2010


COWI, Buro Happold


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other

Theatre techniques: Torsten Nobling - AIX Arkitekter AB-Arteno

  • 1st prize in architectural competition. 2010

The new opera and cultural centre will implement and activate two of the city's most imporant landmarks: Folkets hus (the community centre) and Langveien lower secondary school. These buildings have set the theme for the design of the new complex, and their preservation and renovation are a fundamental aspect of the project.

The horizontal character of the building connects the various building masses, and breaks down the opera house’s dimension through gradual volume downscaling from the stage tower. The project's ambition has been to create a well-integrated and low-key signal building that defers, but also adds something new, to Kristiansund’s brief, yet rich, architectural tradition.

In addition to the imposing opera in Kristiansund, the complex will include a museum, cultural school, library, restaurant and café. These operators will be merged into a creative and dynamic environment around the opera’s main auditorium.

At street level, the building will interact with its surroundings through the availability and exposure of its content. Adjoining streets and squares will be upgraded, to achieve dynamic and vital urban spaces.

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