The Vasa Museum, redevelopment and extension. C.F. Møller

The Vasa Museum, redevelopment and extension

The Vasa Museum is the most popular maritime museum in the world in terms of number of visitors. When the Vasa Museum was built 20 years ago, it was designed to handle around 700,000 visitors per year. However, the visitor count has steadily increased since its opening and the museum currently receives more than 1.1 million visitors annually.
 The Vasa Museum, redevelopment and extension. C.F. Møller. Photo: Sten Jansin


National Property Board of Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden


2,350 m² exhibition facilities, shop, foyer, toilets and facilities for the employees



Client consultant

Forsen projektering




Månsson & Dahlbäck Arkitektkontor in collaboration with C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other


In order to facilitate the increasing number of visitors, the museum has now been redeveloped and extended by architects Månsson og Dahlbäck, who were also responsible for the original museum. C.F. Møller has provided assistance in the development and execution of the project.

The redevelopment and extension will ensure improved accessibility for all, reduce queues and increase visitor capacity.

The new development is a separate extension of the existing, characteristic architecture of the museum with regard to shape and materials and stretches out into the adjoining park, Galärparken. The extension houses a new entrance and exit area, museum shop and a hall for temporary exhibits. The extension also allows for greater visitor capacity in the hall containing the Vasa ship.

A central aspect in the project has been to improve the climate control, taking into account the sensitive wooden ship and the increasing number of visitors. As such, the extension has ensured that the Vasa Museum will be able to continue to exhibit the historic ship in a safe manner for many years to come.

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