Møllevangs Church. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer

Møllevangs Church

Church and parish community centre in northern Aarhus. The distinct church building is rooted firmly in the nordic tradition, with coarse brick and fine woodwork as the unifying materials. The main volume, dominated by the large roof panes visible wooden girders, has a prismatic shape which naturally frames the choir, altar and pulpit. The soft, changing light from a large circular skylight highlights the room, and creates a simple yet uplifting atmosphere.
 Møllevangs Church. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer


Aarhus, Denmark


800 m2



A drop in terrain-level allowed the lower crypt to accomodate parish rooms and offices. The church building was completed in 1958, and has since been supplemented by smaller extensions such as a bell-tower (1969) and a parish house (1978) without changing its original character and appearance.

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