Boo Church, Renovation and Reconstruction. C.F. Møller. Photo: Nikolaj Jakobsen

Boo Church, Renovation and Reconstruction

Renovation and reconstruction of Boo Church in Saltsjö Boo to prepare it for the future and enhance accessibility. The project encompasses both interior and exterior, as well as landscape.
 Boo Church, Renovation and Reconstruction. C.F. Møller. Photo: Nikolaj Jakobsen


Svenska Kyrkan, Boo Församling


Saltsjö Boo, Sweden


2,200 m²



Client consultant

Strategia Projektledning AB, Heléne Serner


SBG Byggen AB


C.F Møller Architects


C.F Møller Architects

Collaborators, other

Building conservator: Stockholms Byggnadsantikvarier

Boo Church in Saltsjö Boo, which belongs to Nacka municipality in Stockholm County, has undergone a much-needed renovation and reconstruction in conjunction with the church's 100th anniversary. Designed by architect Martin Hedmark and inaugurated in the summer of 1923, the church features classical elements on the outside and is influenced by Italian early Christian and Romanesque basilicas on the inside.

The existing architecture, including the three-nave church interior, church tower, and semi-circular apse, has been preserved. Interior renovation includes upgrades to electrical and plumbing systems, ventilation, and the restoration of floors, walls, and vaults. The work has been carried out in consultation with the county antiquarian, conservator, and other experts to preserve historical and cultural aspects. A new assembly hall, toilets, and staff facilities have been created on the lower floor, and other spaces have been renovated, with the kitchen modernized.

In collaboration with the antiquarian and conservator, the original color scheme has been documented and used as a guide in selecting additional colors, which have been combined with preserved furnishings from 1973. To meet current needs, additions have been integrated, such as a new elevator, staircase, children's room, built-in fixtures, hymnbook shelf, radiator covers, and glass partitions. Consideration has been given to the church's original design and color palette from 1923.

Thoughtful landscape restoration

The project also includes demolition and restoration work of the site around Boo Church, along with drainage measures. New additions have been carefully integrated into the existing environment, with a focus on improving accessibility and creating cohesion with the churchyard. Detailed studies and documentation have been carried out to ensure high-quality restoration of the listed facility, including the design of details for old granite walls, new lighting, stone paving at entrances, and the renovation of historical granite stairs.

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