Horsens NHG & HF. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer

Horsens NHG & HF

The expansion of Horsens Gymnasium and HF creates a modern learning facility, fully integrated with the city and the existing building.
 Horsens NHG & HF. C.F. Møller. Photo: Martin Schubert


Horsens Statsskole & Horsens Gymnasium


Horsens, Denmark


8,140 m²




1st prize in competition. 2019

Client consultant



MT Højgaard


MT Højgaard


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 1st prize in competition. 2019

The present HG&HF main building from 1940 is a prominent example of a teaching institution from this period, which has great architectural and outdoor space qualities. The extension of the high school is based on the architectural qualities and structural composition of the existing building. The high school is restructured and expanded into a cluster structure divided into different subject groups. The subject clusters are each organised around intimate subject squares, expressing the identity and character created in each cluster. In the cluster for creative subjects, a new large common room is established, with visual contact with the large central courtyard. The common room is flexible and can be arranged both as a large hall and as a smaller living room.

All clusters and living areas have optimal daylight conditions so that they orientate toward the outdoor space and the central shared courtyard. The courtyard connects the clusters, all with decentralized entrances, and creates synergy and flexibility between the teaching facilities.

The façades of the new buildings are based on the simple architectural expression of the existing buildings. An open façade provides a visual connection between the central courtyard and the new common hall.

Shared facilities both for the high school and residents of the area

An activity trail that encircles the high school area guides the public through the area and invites use of the outdoor facilities for the city's citizens. The courtyard and outdoor areas, which contain the sports facilities (amongst other features), includes a new sports hall and covered spectator area. This will help to characterize the community and activities at the high school. Green niches and additional places to meet are created, including a staircase with multi-level platforms which invites informal gatherings. The landscape will form a natural part of the public area and provides trails in the district. The project thus bridges the past and the future through a series of classic spatial processes that embrace and connect the high school's ensemble of buildings and functions with a lane, a patio, a sports square and a science garden.

The new combined Horsens Gymnasium & HF, with its unique location next to the railway station and close to Horsens growing city centre, will harmoniously adapt to the surrounding area and, at the same time, stand out as the city's largest educational institution.

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