The Technical Faculty - SDU. C.F. Møller. Photo: Adam Mørk

The Technical Faculty - SDU

The Technical Faculty (Faculty of Engineering) is part of the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, and constitutes a shared research and education environment for four different institutes.
 The Technical Faculty - SDU. C.F. Møller. Photo: Adam Mørk


Danish Building and Property Agency and SDU Technical Faculty




20,000 m² (of these 6,000 m² laboratories)






C.F. Møller Architects


Schønherr Landskab


Sophie Kalkau

  • Nominated for “Education Building of the Year". 2015

The building is designed as one big envelope consisting of 5 houses connected by bridges at multiple levels crossing the heart of the house, a "piece of furniture" containing common functions and meeting rooms, and giving access to a roof garden/café/lounge area. The many connections allow for more fluid boundaries, and more community and knowledge sharing.

The building is shrouded in an external screen revealing and shading the transparent volume. The elegant and seemingly weightless screen is made from pre-fab panels of white CRC concrete (Compact Reinforced Composite, a special type of Fibre Reinforced High Performance Concrete with high strength) featuring circular openings with an underlying solar screen and natural ventilation. The unusual screen reflects the innovation and creativity that characterises the various institutes.

The interior layout creates great flexibility, with the larger labs located on the ground floor, for easy access to the terrain and opportunity for outdoor activities.

The Technical Faculty meets the requirements for low energy class 1 according to BR95 (Danish building codes). This means minimal energy consumption, good indoor climate and use of materials with a low environmental impact in a life cycle perspective.

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