ZHAW Campus Winterthur. C.F. Møller

ZHAW Campus Winterthur

The new technical university Campus ZHAW forms a transparent and creative hub for technical knowledge and cutting-edge innovation and is closely integrated with the surroundings.
 ZHAW Campus Winterthur. C.F. Møller


ZHAW Campus Winterthur


Winterthur, Switzerland


25,000 m²


2018, competition


Drees & Sommer, ZPF Ingenieure, Pro Engineering, Waldhauser + Hermann, Gruner, Laborplaner Tonelli


C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with Stähelin Architekten



The new technical university campus in Winterthur is a modern and dynamic campus closely integrated with the surrounding urban and natural context. The project consists of three parts: the campus park and the two buildings TLN1 and TLN2 with study and research facilities. The new buildings and campus park connect the existing historic buildings with the city of Winterthur. It creates an urban campus with direct contact to nature.

Solar panels integrated in a transparent facade

The building’s anatomy and layering of the floors is clearly visible through the glass facades. Solar panels are integrated into the facade and ensure that the future demands for the environment are met. Building TLN1 with four floors has an open and inviting public base. TLN1 has two spiral stairs that connects the ground floor with the canteen on the first floor. In the floors above are the labs and offices centered around the atrium. The atrium creates a social and creative heart in the building. From here you have direct visual connection to all functions within the building, the campus park and the urban context. Facing the atrium are meeting spaces, exhibitions spaces and open offices. There is a flexibility zone between the labs and offices ensuring future flexibility. Building TLN2 has labs in the lower floors and offices in the floors above. Both buildings contain the best surroundings for studying and researching. With the openness and green connections, the campus becomes a destination and benchmark in the local scale as well as the national and international.

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