New Ogna School. C.F. Møller

New Ogna School

The proposal for the new school in the Norwegian town of Ogna aims to create a modern, future-proof learning environment which is also the local gathering point. The proposal includes a multi-hall, library and health centre for children and young people, with the aim of creating a strong sense of affinity between pupils, school and town.
 New Ogna School. C.F. Møller


Hå municipality


Ogna, Norway


4,900 m²


2015, competition


C.F. Møller Architects


Gullik Gulliksen

Collaborators, other

Cadi (interior architect) Autens (school consultant)

The school is planned to comprise three zones – a local communal building, with the main entrance and shared functions, an administration zone, and classrooms divided by age level. Each learning arena and age level has its own small building – with its own entrance and contact with the landscape. This allows for flexible solutions in terms of various types of learning and activity. A central aspect of the proposal is the close dialogue between interior and exterior, between the communal building and the learning environments indoors and the outdoor green landscape and play areas.

All classrooms are located at ground floor level, with covered terrace areas creating a gradual transition to nature. The new local communal building, which also features the school's main entrance, opens out towards the west with a view of the main road, the sea and the railway, making it a clear social meeting point. Here, the façade consists of three gabled façades with large glass sections, well-protected by large overhanging elements.

The undulating landscape, with the sea, dunes, stream, fells and extended hedges of trees are all strong nature elements that have inspired the building's expression and choice of materials. The school's roof has soft curves, like the dunes, and is covered in marram grass, while over time the façades' horizontal panels will be weather beaten into a silver-grey nuance.

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