Lunakvarteret (Luna district). C.F. Møller. Photo: Places Studio

Lunakvarteret (Luna district)

Development plan that transforms the Luna district into several open city blocks and improves the city centre of Södertälje.
 Lunakvarteret (Luna district). C.F. Møller. Photo: Places Studio


Telge Fastigheter Södertälje kommun


Södertälje, Sweden


75,000 m2




1st prize in international architectural competition. 2024




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 1st prize in international architectural competition. 2024

The transformation of Lunakvarteret is one of the most extensive urban development projects in Södertälje's city centre ever undertaken. The overall strategy for the project includes a careful yet innovative combination of demolition and construction with low climate impact. By creating new public spaces and avenues, Lunakvarteret opens up to the city and the sky, while preserving the city's historical heritage. A key is to create a city centre on a human scale, which is achieved through considerate building architecture and the creation of Culture and Knowledge Squares, which unites different levels of the city and makes the neighborhood accessible to residents and visitors.

The aesthetic use of materials and landscape architecture is well thought out and enriches the environment on all levels. By taking advantage of level differences and creating verdant structures, such as the impressive Tälje Staircase, a visual attraction and a playful element is created that highlights the city's historical and natural character.

Vibrant and with a strong identity

The plan focuses on creating attractive and inviting places that promote city life and safety all year round. Integrating various functions and activities, such as art, culture, play and innovation, creates environments perfect for living in and with a strong identity. The cinema terrace becomes a brilliant symbol of a pulsating city life where the sky becomes the roof.

C. F. Møller's winning proposal is considered convincing by the jury, with its carefully thought-out lighting, placement of activities and the creation of inviting and connecting architectural elements. It stands as a model for how urban development projects can combine beauty, functionality and climate friendliness to create a thriving and sustainable urban environment.

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