Urban Transformation Bro. C.F. Møller

Urban Transformation Bro

“Transforming Bro” is a project that takes a holistic approach to the development of Bro in Upplands-Bro Municipality in Sweden. Spatial planning and social aspects are integrated under the vision Bro – a new model for the small town of the future.
 Urban Transformation Bro. C.F. Møller


Upplands-Bro Kommun


Upplands-Bro, Sweden


140,000 m²




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Bro in Upplands-Bro Municipality is facing a major transformation with the aim of reversing development and at the same time making room for expansion and growth. The aim is to move from an urban area with a suburban nature to a modern, safe and sustainable small town characterised by community. The sketch shows a possible image of Bro in 2030, highlighting social, ecological and economic aspects of a vibrant small town. The project takes great account of Bro's existing identity and cultural environment where people are the focus.

The project consists of key elements such as new housing in and around central Bro, more jobs, a new school and a development programme for the station area. To create safe and attractive routes through Bro where people can move and meet naturally, the city centre is linked to the station area, which is identified as a future hub of the small town.

Social sustainability and inclusion

Social sustainability integrated into spatial planning is crucial in the project. The goal is a place where citizens feel pride in their small town. A public environment that welcomes, develops and strengthens local identity. Places that cater for all residents of Bro and create opportunities for encounters between different individuals and organisations in the community. When meetings take place, it enables participation and engagement in Bro's future development in a natural way. Broad and continuous participation among Bro's residents is therefore an integral part of the planning and implementation of all activities throughout the design process.

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