Dalum Paper Mill, Masterplan

Masterplan for the Dalum Paper Mill which transforms the historic industrial area into a new and diverse neighbourhood with close contact to both nature and Odense city.

Oslo Horisont

Oslo Horisont, a large-scale transformation project totaling 82,000 m² with a focus on adaptive re-use, is being created on a central site next to the station area. The project comprises two high-rise buildings with a raised public green landscape.

Business Headquarters in the Dalum Paper Mill

Transformation of an iconic concrete structure into a new business domicile, preserving its industrial heritage and revitalising it with a bright and dynamic office environment.

Valby Machinery Halls: Assembly Hall

A former industrial hall, where the original industrial expression is preserved, while filling the interior with modern commercial premises and homes, and also an event and community building.

Bellerivestrasse 36 Zürich

Modernisation of an iconic 70s Swiss office building into a highly sustainable building integrated with the surrounding park and Lake Zürich to become a new attraction for users and citizens in Zürich.

Brabrand Housing Association, Dep. 1 and 2

Renovation and upgrading of Hans Brogesparken and Søvangen, two iconic brick residential housing estates from the 1940s and 1950s

Conversion of a logistics centre into a green mixed-use district

Conversion of a former logistics centre and traffic areas into a green mixed-use district with new office workplaces, retail, commercial, residential, and public urban spaces.

Dalum Monastery – Transformation

Dalum Monastery and its park are gently being transformed into recreational commons and climate-friendly housing, heralding a new era for the historic site near Odense in Denmark.

Dalum Paper Mill, The Dutch House (Hollænderhuset)

Transformation of an iconic industrial building into exclusive apartments with a strong emphasis on material recycling to reduce the carbon footprint and bring the past into the future.

Hangar 26/27, Schelde

Historic warehouse in Belgium is revitalised into a living, urban hotspot that is true to the surroundings and the history of the harbour area where it is situated.

Mindet 6, Aarhus Harbour

A bright, sculptural tower and landmark close to the Port of Aarhus will combine city life and cultural history with attractive new cultural and business facilities and public restaurants.

Museum Kolding, The Stable Yard

Sketch project transforming a listed stable building into a modern museum and cultural powerhouse in Kolding.


Transformation of a former tobacco factory building from 1936 by architect Preben Hansen, converting the industrial building into modern homes with respect for and preservation of the building's cultural-historical values.
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