Vega School and Activity Centre. C.F. Møller

Vega School and Activity Centre

Vega School and Activity building is a vibrant meeting place for people of all ages. Several activities are here gathered under a single roof, so people with different interests can socialise – and not only during school hours but also in the evening and at weekends.




Stockholm, Sweden


12,500 m², 900 students




1st prize in competition. 2019


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 1st prize in competition. 2019

Vega School caters for about 900 students up to Year 9 (F-9), with an after-school centre for the younger children and an open recreation centre for older children. The building is a meeting point for older people that offers a wide range of activities: a sports hall, a library, a kitchen, a café and a ‘black box’ for music, theatre and other performances. The activity building caters for everyone in Vega and the surrounding area. The building is also a vibrant place in the evening and at weekends, when the premises are used for numerous functions like music, culture and sporting events,

Easily accessible meeting place

The layouts have been developed in consultation with local businesses, the outdoor spaces being an integral part of the assignment. The activity buildings have been designed to be shared between the educational , the social- and elderly-services and the cultural and leisure administrations. The premises are available for association activities, and the library and café are open to the public.

The school and activity building are adjacent to the commuter-train and bus stations, in the heart of the new Vega district. It is easy to get there by every conceivable means of transport – not least by bike, bus and commuter train. The activity building is an innovative way of uniting a multitude of activities under one roof, and is Vega’s local complement to the cultural centre in Handen.

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