House of Generations in Nivå. C.F. Møller

House of Generations in Nivå

The House of Generations in Nivå is a building complex in which a library, cultural centre, sports hall, and a swimming pool are arranged around a new school. The complex is an attractive meeting place in the middle of town and nature, and forms a new starting point for the further development of the town.
 House of Generations in Nivå. C.F. Møller


Fredensborg Municipality


Nivå, Denmark


16,400 m²




1st prize in competition. 2021

Client consultant

Kuben Management




C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with GPP Architects and NERD architects


C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other

Nerd Architects GPP Arkitekter

  • 1st prize in competition. 2021

The House of Generations expands the conventional use of a school building by integrating other public functions for all citizens and creating new identification points and opportunities for the centre of Nivå. The combination of various public functions in the House of Generations creates an all-day opportunity for lively exchange between citizens of all ages.

Anchored in city and landscape

The school's learning spaces are evenly distributed between the building and the landscape. There are outdoor areas for play and exercise as well as for science subjects and cooking. All these facilities are also available to other citizens. To ensure that all sides of the House of Generations are used, the buildings do not have front and back sides, and have entrances from all sides. The buildings take the form of a cluster with an open structure of squares, areas and paths connecting all the functions, and open towards both the city and the unspoilt nature, which is close to Nivå city centre, where the House of Generations is located.

To integrate the buildings into the city, they are partly made of brick, with reference to the existing buildings as well as to the disused brickworks that mark the history of Nivå. As a contrast and a change, transitions between outdoor areas and houses are executed in wood, which together with glazed, transparent ground floors create inviting and secure urban spaces.

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