ITU headquarter in Geneva. C.F. Møller

ITU headquarter in Geneva

A proposal for an office and work environment for The International Telecommunication Union that balances clear requirements for security with a transparent appearance in dialogue with the city.
 ITU headquarter in Geneva. C.F. Møller


ITU (The International Telecommunication Union)


Geneve, Switzerland


25,000 m²




C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with Stähelin Architekten

  • 2nd prize in architectural competition. 2017

The overall configuration of the building is rooted in the contextual reading of the surrounding area and narrow limitations of the site, defining the framework for an innovative and modern office and work environment. The project is capable of synthesizing large-scale workspace, internal flow, clear sectioning between public, semi-public and private functions into a seemingly seamless setup, balancing the clear requirements for security while delivering enough transparency for the project to become a vibrant urban landmark in dialogue with the city.

In the proposal, the architectural concept represents itself through a series of crystalline cubes encompassing a diverse range of floor plates and vertical connections, enabling the simultaneous perception of different activities through reflection and transparency. The interior of the building is characterized by openness and atriums opening up through the building - consisting of open floors, where bright and flexible workspaces are sandwiched in between a series of activated roofscapes, and smaller roof gardens on the top. At ground level a conference center with auditoriums, and display/-exhibit zones and a canteen facing the park define a base-like structure clad in stone.

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