New head office for the Codan insurance company . C.F. Møller

New head office for the Codan insurance company

Cooperation across departments has been the key focus of the proposal for a new head office for the Codan insurance company in Ørestaden.
 New head office for the Codan insurance company . C.F. Møller


Steen & Strøm Danmark A/S


Copenhagen, Denmark


25,000 m²




1st. prize in competition. 2013

Client consultant





Niras, Orbicon


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 1st. prize in competition. 2013

Codan's ambition to create a working environment that focuses on opportunities to work across departments is fulfilled by placing the interior spaces of the new head office building around a large, glass-covered atrium with balconies at different levels, as well as open stairways.

The varying levels of the balconies create visual contact between the different storeys, and the interconnected stairways and rooms around the atrium are perfect for informal meetings, bringing employees from the different floors together in a natural way. The building's side wings house open-plan offices where the individual employee's need for peace and quiet and professional interaction is ensured by grouping desks behind discreet screens.

In the lowest area of the atrium lies the call centre, extending from the other shared functions such as the foyer, canteen and café area. The call centre's central location is in line with Codan's idea to emphasise contact with customers and allow the energy-loaded atmosphere in the call centre to permeate the rest of the building. In this sense, the atrium also promotes dynamic professional interaction throughout the building.

The new head office is located in a modern urban context, with optimum relations with the surrounding infrastructure. With just 200 metres to the Metro and train station, and direct access to the motorway, there are rapid connections to Copenhagen City, Copenhagen Airport, or Malmö (Sweden).


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