Railway Quarter. C.F. Møller

Railway Quarter

The overall plan for the new Railway Quarter in the heart of Aarhus is for an area over the railway, creating a new green district in the city centre.
 Railway Quarter. C.F. Møller


DSB Ejendomme


Aarhus, Denmark


110000 m²




MT Højgaard


C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other

Aarhus Municipality

The Railway Quarter is an entirely new district created by covering the tracks between Bruuns Bridge and Frederiks Bridge in central Aarhus. The new district is to provide the city’s inhabitants with an efficient infrastructure, whilst at the same time creating an attractive area linking the railway station and the city, the development being predominantly in the form of apartment blocks with central squares, known as karréer, which are integrated into the existing surrounding context.

The blocks will maintain the same style, with about six floors, as in the adjacent areas. There will also be a tower at the eastern end and another at the western end, marking the area, as well as two new squares at either end. Both squares create attractive urban spaces, which are connected with and establish a transition to the rest of the city centre, going out towards Bruuns Bridge, Frederiks Bridge, Hallsti, Kriegersvej and Orla Lehmanns Allé. In the square at the western end there will be a terraced edge, opening up to the tracks and the cultural/creative district Aarhus K, where the city's inhabitants can enjoy the sunset. At the opposite end is Banegårdspladsen, with access to the railway station and direct descents to the platforms. Both squares are connected by pedestrian streets where shops activate the space. The entire district is situated above a floor-level that includes parking areas, situated just above the train tracks. The parking area, with 670 parking spaces, keeps the urban area free of cars without compromising on an efficient infrastructure. Spacious cycle parking areas and new taxi ranks are integrated into the overall plan.

Preparing for electrical train operation

The project also solves the Danish Railway Company’s challenge with establishing electrical train operation at Aarhus Train Station. This is done by extending the existing platform areas and creating the required ground clearance without demolishing the existing train station building and shopping arcade.

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