Carlsberg City, Fristrup Hus. C.F. Møller. Photo: Tom Jersø

Carlsberg City, Fristrup Hus

In the northern part of the attractive new Copenhagener district of Carlsberg City is a new development with a mix of homes, commerce and cultural attractions. The development interprets the traditional Copenhagen urban block in a new way and makes reference to the district’s attractive old brewery buildings, whilst at the same time creating a contemporary setting of bright and modern homes.
 Carlsberg City, Fristrup Hus. C.F. Møller. Photo: Tom Jersø


Carlsberg Byen P/S


København, Denmark


33,000 m², approx. 3,000 m² commercial, approx. 18,000 m² residental and 12,000 m² basement parking




Arpe & Kjeldsholm




C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with MVRDV



The complex is situated out towards the Kammas Have park, and consists of the Fristrup Hus block and Tuxens Tårn, which is built around a lush courtyard environment. The development includes 181 apartments in the block and tower, along with commercial premises at the base of the tower.

C.F. Møller Architects has been involved in the development of the district plan for Carlsberg City and the development is in accordance with this as a varied volume with recesses in the façade facing the compact streets and spaces. This creates life, rhythm and relief in the façade, with a rich variety of roof terraces, balconies and urban gardens on the ground floor.

The block is divided by gates and passageways, which give public and informal approaches to the green patio areas and onto Kammas Have. In this way, Fristrup Hus and Tuxens Tårn blend in naturally with the surrounding spaces and street areas.

At the top of the block, two penthouses project upwards, each of which has its own independent and light expressions, thus becoming a new development of the Copenhagen block’s corner motifs, towers and spires.

Both the block and tower are finished in reddish and dark shades of brick, which blend simply and clearly with the Carlsberg Citys palette of building materials and colours. The development is divided into small townhouses with clear façade changes, which create variation and build on the tradition of the Carlsberg Citys craftsmanship, with fine details in patterned brickwork.

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