Kongebrohuset residential building. C.F. Møller. Photo: Sønderborg Kommune

Kongebrohuset residential building

Sustainable DGNB Gold-certified residential building with optimal daylight conditions by the strait in Sønderborg.
 Kongebrohuset residential building. C.F. Møller. Photo: C.F. Møller Architects


Bitten og Mads Clausen Fonden and A. Enggaard


Sønderborg, Denmark


4,060 m² and app. 460 m² basement (28 appartments)


2014, 2019-2021


A. Enggaard




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

With a strong focus on sustainability, 28 condominiums have been built at the habour front in Sønderborg, Denmark. Kongebrohuset is part of Sønderborg Municipality's Project Zero, where, among other things, housing with an efficient energy design contribute to reducing CO₂ emissions. The design of Kongebrohuset focuses on green roofs, minimisation of thermal bridges, and use of daylight, which together have a positive effect on energy optimisation. At the same time, it provides well-lit apartments and a good indoor climate.

Kongebrohuset results in DGNB Gold certification for its high sustainability standard.

Quality housing with a view

The choice of materials has been made based on quality and longevity – and how they adapt to the surroundings. A brick façade in shades of red interacts beautifully with the majestic expression of the area's barracks buildings, while the facade with windows along the strait connects to the recreational waterfront. The building's stepped form with simple offsets creates lightness and variety, while ensuring that all apartments are lit with daylight and have unique views. The offsets and terraced structure also create space for balconies clad in golden-toned aluminium facing the strait. On the upper floors, the apartments have their own roof terraces with orangeries.

Kongebrohuset is part of a master plan to transform the former industrial port into a vibrant urban area with parks, urban spaces, housing, and buildings for recreational and cultural purposes. The overall expression of the Kongebrohuset matches its prominent location on Sønderborg's harbour front, where it both respects the original architecture in the area and bears a resemblance to the new buildings in its form and facade.

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