The Havsbris Neighbourhood. C.F. Møller

The Havsbris Neighbourhood

Havsbris is a new residential area near the lake in the new district of Gävle Strand in Sweden. The block comprises 130 residential units and ground floor premises, with a focus on high quality architectural design, sustainability, neighbourhood life and integrated landscape design to create an attractive living environment.
 The Havsbris Neighbourhood. C.F. Møller


SHH Bostad


Gävle, Sweden


11,600 m²




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

The Havsbris neighbourhood is an important piece of the puzzle in the development of the new Gävle Strand district, creating a harmonious atmosphere and interacting with the surrounding city, the harbour and the heritage-listed Magasinskvarteren.

Detailed façade design and strategically placed penthouses, terraces and balconies, as well as variation in colours and façade materials, break down the block into smaller components where each stairwell has its own identity. The entrances are recessed and continuous with direct contact to the residential courtyard, reinforcing the connection between the apartments and the courtyard. The high ground floors offer generous space, helping to create an active and vibrant neighbourhood that links to the port area's history as a central trading place.

In the best locations of the block, space is set aside for communal roof terraces, conveying the identity of the block with social community as a priority. The terraces provide sheltered oases from the weather where people can enjoy the sea view and look out over the life on the quay and in the harbour in peace and quiet.

Strong focus on sustainability

A sustainable approach permeates the design of all parts of the block, with several eco-labels. The timber or hybrid frame of the buildings is clad with timber panels and complemented with timber balconies. On the roofs, south-facing surfaces are used for solar technology. Other roof surfaces are planted with sedum and climbing plants are grown on the gables. There will also be greenhouses and gardening facilities.

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