Svinget - Homes in Nye. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer

Svinget - Homes in Nye

The homes in the new urban development NYE will be built according to sustainable principles at Elev north of Aarhus. The masterplan for NYE architecturally combines the best of the dense city center with the best of the green suburbs. NYE will be both green and lively, and a particular focus of the masterplan is quality spaces between the buildings.
 Svinget - Homes in Nye. C.F. Møller. Photo: Julian Weyer


Tækker Group


Nye, Denmark


7,500 m²



Client consultant



Tækker Rådgivende Ingeniører


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 1st prize in architectural competition. 2014

The proposal of C.F. Møller for housing and retail along the future main street of NYE takes its cue from the plot’s curved shape, and advantageous location on a south-facing slope, to create an elegantly ascending complex that rises from three storeys in the east to four-and-a-half storeys in the west, and emphasizes the contours of the landscape.

Along with the neighbouring buildings, designed by the architectural firm BIG, the complex forms a spiral movement toward a common public "blue square" which is a recreational water space as part of the wider area's storm water management.

The simple rectangular building volumes along the village street are rotated slightly relative to each other, so as to create protruding corners which allow views from the inside down the length of the buildings, and where the common access lobbies are logically located and easy to find.

The one- or two-level homes all have double aspects, and access to outdoor spaces in the form of gardens, balconies and/or roof terraces with green plant beds. The generous south-facing balconies bring light and air to the apartments, views of the Egaa Lake and bay of Aarhus, and also act as solar shading for the apartments.

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