Karré 1 Odense. C.F. Møller. Photo: Thomas Mølvig

Karré 1 Odense

Two residential projects are under way at the Karré 1 construction site near the railway station and Kongens Have in Odense. The architectural practice has just added the finishing touches to one of the projects – a 12-storey high-rise apartment building with 58 flats for a wide variety of residents.
 Karré 1 Odense. C.F. Møller. Photo: Thomas Mølvig


OPUS (Odense Projektudviklingsselskab A/S)


Odense, Denmark


6,500 m²




5E Byg




C.F. Møller Architects

The architectural design is focused on homes with a strong inflow of daylight, and on creating a varied, vibrant building façade with protruding and recessed window sections, balconies with various surfacing and, not least, the building's hallmark: a copper-clad tower, which architecturally builds a bridge to the older buildings in the vicinity.

The high-rise building is constructed in yellow brick, rising as two elements of 12 and six storeys, respectively, tapering away to the south. All 58 flats have west-facing balconies. Besides being enjoyed by the individual residents, the balconies also play an important role in creating a lively façade surfaced with glass and perforated steel on an alternating basis. Penthouse flats with views of the city are planned for the top of the low building complex.

The copper-clad tower is integrated into one corner of the building, based on the idea of emphasising the high-rise building's connection to the site's existing architecture.

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