HYBRID congress centre. C.F. Møller

HYBRID congress centre

Hybrid is a new multifunctional conference centre and meeting place in central Lund – a hybrid representing a synergy between several functions such as conference centre, hotel and office.
 HYBRID congress centre. C.F. Møller


Skanska Sverige AB / Lund SBK


Lund, Sweden


30,000 m²




C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

The city block has been created on the basis of the idea of an urban and social encounter between new and historic buildings and urban spaces. Hybrid is a block boasting detailed brick facades and a beautifully designed conference hall, with exterior facades made of recycled copper and interior design featuring light-coloured wood. The various operations – offices, hotels, and serviced meeting fora – are clearly subdivided within the block, and are strategically located in order to provide value-creating synergies and public environments at ground level. The aim is for the Hybrid block to be a public focus with a recognisable architecture and silhouette. It creates a vibrant and accessible roof landscape with spacious roof terraces and plant beds, enhancing the experience of a building that opens up the boundary between the outside and the inside. The landscape design at ground level and the roof landscape offer benefits for both visitors and passers-by.

Public restaurant, café, and sky bar

The block includes several public functions, offering an extension of city life. A large public restaurant with a bar and outdoor seating is complemented by a café that opens onto the park thoroughfare. The hotel cuts a tall, slender figure, with a public sky bar and restaurant at the top, offering views of the city and the surrounding plains. A large central staircase in the public foyer allows for spontaneous public events and leads visitors to the large conference hall. From the public arrivals square the conference facility branches out into the preserved parts of the old District Court, which activates and creates an exciting connection between new and old. The project is based on a sustainable and circular approach, with an integrated design generating positive effects that contribute to the block’s combined environmental impact. It is proposed that the block feature a hybrid-wood frame and facades made of brick and recycled copper.

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