Bergen ByArena and development plan for Nygårdstangen. C.F. Møller. Photo: SORA IMAGES

Bergen ByArena and development plan for Nygårdstangen

State-of-the-art multi-arena in the centre of Bergen with capacity for 12,000 guests. The arena and conference hotel are an integral part of the Nygårdstangen development plan.
 Bergen ByArena and development plan for Nygårdstangen. C.F. Møller. Photo: SORA IMAGES


Nygårdstangen Utvikling AS


Bergen, Norway


106,000 m² fordelt på 25.000 m² arena, 16.000 m² hotel og 65.000 m² boliger



Client consultant

Opus Bergen AS




C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with HLM Arkitektur


C.F. Møller Architects

Collaborators, other

Neill Woodger acoustics and theatre design

  • Konkurrence 1 præmie. 2023

The development plan transforms Nygårdstangen from a grey and empty logistics and parking area to a new vibrant urban area with large public squares, green recreational connections, 800 homes, a new public bus terminal and parking close to the city.

The arena, hotel and development plan for Nygårdstangen is conceived with a focus on creating a vibrant neighbourhood that stimulates the city''s pulse, recreational qualities and movement at street level. The grey surroundings are replaced by a new urban structure with beautiful squares, green urban spaces and avenues that naturally connect to Bergen and create new connections and synergies. Two large residential blocks with green courtyards and four towers will be created, providing space for a total of 800 homes. In the development, a central hub will be established where an optimised parking facility connects to the tram, as well as a brand new public bus terminal, cycle routes and green connections for the city''s residents and visitors.

Cultural beacon and generator of life

ByArenaen will be a cultural beacon for Bergen and a generator of life for the new neighbourhood. The arena is designed as a flexible multi-arena and will deliver world-class sports events, concerts, e-games, conferences, exhibitions and much more.

The design is simple and elegant and consists of three main elements. At the bottom is an open and inviting city base, where a covered arcade frames the grand foyer and merges with three new public squares. Above the base is a conference and VIP area that connects the arena and hotel via a walkway with an integrated restaurant, and provides access to elevated roof gardens with stunning views of the mountains surrounding Bergen. At the top, the design is completed with "The Crown" - an iconic arena figure whose soft organic form emphasises the inner workings of the building.

The building''s interior design offers a Scandinavian cosy atmosphere, simple wayfinding and access to lounges, restaurants, bars and the vibrant heart of the building, the large arena hall. The hall is flexibly designed to accommodate various events such as sports, large and small concerts, conferences, exhibitions and TV shows. In addition, the arena houses an artists'' lounge, changing and wardrobe facilities for athletes, artists and staff, as well as a large loading and logistics area that ensures efficient operation and realisation of events.

Surrounding the arena are two large squares, a hotel and a neighbourhood square to the north and an activity and party square to the south, which connects to the existing ADO swimming arena.

ByArenaen will be the city''s new jewel - and together with the development of Nygårdstangen, the project supports Bergen''s future development and continued strength as an attractive destination for both locals and visitors from all over the world.

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