The residential block Shiguchi is a people- and nature-centric block that creates valuable synergies between the city, nature, innovation, and attractive living environments as part of Malmö's ambitious climate initiative, LFM30.
 SHIGUCHI. C.F. Møller


ALFA Development


Malmö, Sverige


6 500 m2




konstruktör- Sitowise Hållbarhet- WSP Expertis träbyggnad- Xbuild


PLOT Studio

The name "Shiguchi" is the Japanese term for wood constructions where several parts are joined together into a co-operating structure with high levels of detail and craftsmanship. It embodies a beautiful and resource-aware union that exemplifies a sustainable, integrated, and value-creating whole.

Shiguchi emphasizes the vision of a strong neighbourhood feeling with collaborative qualities between the individual, the dwelling, and community life. The ground floor features urban townhouses with generous entrances and large glass sections that create a stately and welcoming base façade conducive to vibrant neighbourhood life and community spirit. Adjacent to the entrances are small multi-rooms with glass partitions that can be used for various functions, such as hosting a café, bike repair shop, cultivation space, studio/gallery, etc., intended to interact with the courtyard area and life beyond.

Climate-Friendly Materials

At the heart of Shiguchi is a commitment to climate-smart construction and innovation. Every architectural detail, from the structure to the materials, is carefully selected to minimise environmental impact. Cross-laminated timber, a hallmark of Nordic architecture, forms the backbone of the buildings, while a concrete-free foundation further reduces the carbon footprint. The landscape design incorporates blue-green synergies, inspired by forest gardens and traditional utility plants, promoting biodiversity and ecological balance.

This project reflects C.F. Møller Architects' dedication to innovative design solutions that prioritize aesthetically pleasing buildings, environmental responsibility, and well-being. By marrying Scandinavian design principles with climate-friendly methods, Shiguchi stands as a flagship of modern, climate-friendly living in Malmö's urban landscape.

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