MT Højgaard and C.F. Møller are to construct the New Islands Brygge School - C.F. Møller. Photo: C.F. Møller

MT Højgaard and C.F. Møller are to construct the New Islands Brygge School

Under a turnkey contract, MT Højgaard is to construct the New Islands Brygge School, with C.F. Møller as architects. The winning project will ensure that this construction project is responsible and easy to operate in overall economic terms, that the building can be DGNB-certified, and also that it cuts the time schedule by three months.

Between the port and the commons, with a unique location in the heart of the rapid urban development at Islands Brygge, MT Højgaard is to construct the New Islands Brygge School. The school building will accommodate a total of 784 pupils up to school-leaving age, as well as the school's staff and a sports hall. The building will cover around 10,000 square metres, with outdoor areas of 4,000 square metres.

To ensure that the building is in operation and up and running when its staff move in, there is strong focus on ensuring that the installations are tested through every phase of the project, up to its handover. In addition, the time schedule for the building's construction has been cut by three months.

"To give plenty of time for the school to move into the new building and get everything in place before the summer holidays and the start of the school year in August 2020, in our bid we have optimised the time schedule and wish to hand over the building to the client in May 2020. The time schedule also leaves time and space for the dialogue with the authorities concerning the environmental work and the local planning phase," says Martin Lose, section director at MT Højgaard.


A fusion of nature and culture

Architects from C.F. Møller, with Tredje Natur and Autens Future Schools as sub-advisers, are behind the proposal's architecture, which was optimised in collaboration with MT Højgaard. The school has the potential to be a strong new connecting element in the area. This is a hybrid building that connects the city's intimate expanse with the natural setting of Amager Commons, creating an imaginative learning space with its fusion of nature and culture.

"Our focus has been on the school giving something back to the city, to ensure synergy between the existing city and the coming new school," says Lone Wiggers, partner and the architect responsible for the project.

The turnkey contract team's vision with New Islands Brygge School has been to create a school with a unique learning environment based on, and connected to, the infinite qualities found between the port and the commons. A school that encompasses new learning forms and directions, and which contributes to the pupils' schooling as an inclusive educational journey that is rich in experiences.

The site's location between the Commons, Bryggen's architecture and the port combines the three elements in the new school. Towards Artillerivej and the Commons, the building invites play and movement, with its large rooftop landscape that leads from street level to the extensive rooftop garden, and on to the sports roof on the fourth floor, with views of the Commons, the city and the Port of Copenhagen.

"The context is incorporated in the site, the roof and the public path. The school's staircase motif gives a pedagogical ascent up to the roof, and the building's form adds a dynamic to the location. The focus on the culinary school and biotopes ensures contact with the commons' nature, as is also emphasised by the three entrances and corners in the combining triangle, which each in their own welcoming way draw the surroundings into the school," says Lone Wiggers.


Play and learning
There is focus on ensuring that the building's solutions are reasonable and easy to operate, in overall economic terms. The building has been DGNB-screened to assess its economic, social, process-related, technical and environmental qualities. This also means that the building could be DGNB-certified.


"We wish to create a school of high quality for teachers, pupils and staff, to facilitate play and learning, with special focus on the indoor environment and a good outdoor environment. The school will also be the gathering point for local associations and sports clubs, with easy accessibility and openness at the ground floor level, so that people from outside also feel welcome at the school," says Martin Lose, section director at MT Højgaard.


The school building will be an addition to the existing Islands Brygge School, located at Artillerivej 57, which is to be renovated at the same time. The new building will include the 6th to 9th grades, and will enable the school to run seven tracks at Artillerivej.

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