Strong team wins tender for new hospital district in Helsingborg in Sweden - C.F. Møller

Strong team wins tender for new hospital district in Helsingborg in Sweden

C.F. Møller Architects, Carlstedt Arkitekter, Krook & Tjäder Arkitekter and Ramboll Sweden have been commissioned to prepare studies and data that will form the basis for a detailed development plan for Helsingborg's new hospital district in Östra Ramlösa.
Strong team wins tender for new hospital district in Helsingborg in Sweden - C.F. Møller

In the spring of 2021, the Regional Council of Skåne decided to start a detailed planning process for the location of a new hospital in Helsingborg, Sweden. The location for the new hospital is Östra Ramlösa, where the municipality is also planning an entire new district. Östra Ramlösa is located approximately five kilometres from the centre of Helsingborg, and the aim is to create an attractive, vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood with a unique character and green values.


- We are proud to have won such a prestigious assignment and look forward to participating in the implementation of a project that is part of the Östra Ramlösa urban development area. Our goal in the team is to develop a robust overall conceptual programme for the new hospital district together with all stakeholders, says Mårten Leringe, partner and architect at C.F. Møller Architects.

Sweden's largest ongoing hospital project

The assignment involves developing a concept for a new hospital with an estimated operational requirement of approximately 200,000 square metres. If implemented, this will be the largest ongoing hospital project in Sweden.

A modern, sustainable and future-proof hospital is being planned, with the aim of good quality of care and the working environment, flexibility with the possibility of growth over time, and an emergency hospital well equipped to meet future requirements. The new hospital plans will include an emergency hospital with psychiatric facilities, high-tech care, wards, clinics, laboratory medicine, service functions and technology, as well as administration. It will also include the necessary infrastructure, above and below ground, as well as parks and nature areas.


- We will use our extensive experience and expertise to create conditions for buildings and healthcare facilities that are fit for purpose for the healthcare needs of the future, says Kerstin Eken of Carlstedt Architects, who are responsible for the architectural assignment, and continues,

- In addition, we will ensure conditions for a good patient and working environment. I look forward to working closely with both Region Skåne and the City of Helsingborg in the design work.


A united team with both breadth and excellence

The team has been selected based on their skills and understanding of the specific assignment and combines strengths in all areas. The team consists of hospital planners and consultants in technical supply, infrastructure, urban planning and the design of large-scale projects.

- Our feasibility study assignment is broad and encompasses all relevant engineering disciplines, such as traffic, power, geotechnics and hydrogeology, energy systems, HVAC, sustainability, logistics and more. We are proud to take on such a multifaceted responsibility and look forward to an exciting collaboration, says Josefin Envall, Head of Unit at Ramboll's Hospital Division.

The team has worked together before in different constellations and projects. One of them is the Aarhus University Hospital, which has the scale of a small city and is a successful collaboration between C.F. Møller Architects and Ramboll Sweden. Together with Krook & Tjäder, C.F. Møller has designed Friends Arena and with Carlstedt, C.F. Møller is currently working on a major new building at Danderyd Hospital.

- It is a great honour to be involved in the design of blue-green strategies, urban planning and architecture for the future healthcare environment in Östra Ramlösa. The blue-green strategies are of great importance for the future care environment, partly to create areas that are permeable, peaceful and pleasant to spend time in, but not least to protect biodiversity, ecosystems and climate-positive solutions. Being involved from the start gives us a fantastic starting point, says Karolina Halldin, architect and landscape architect at Krook & Tjäder.


Region Skåne's project will take around 11 - 13 years to complete, starting with a feasibility study that will form the basis for a detailed development plan. The assignment will start in January 2022.


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