Fælledby Skole, C.F. Møller Architects - Wins Competition for New School in Copenhagen - C.F. Møller. Photo: Thue Borgen Hasløv

Wins Competition for New School in Copenhagen

C.F. Møller Architects has won the competition for Fælledby School, which aims to serve as both a catalyst and inspiration for a sustainable mindset and lifestyle, with nature at its core.
Thue Borgen Hasløv, partner & architect, C.F. Møller Architects - Wins Competition for New School in Copenhagen - C.F. Møller. Photo: Hans Christian Jacobsen

The upcoming Fælledby School is envisioned as a communal space for students and staff, young people, athletes, local associations, Fælledby, Ørestad, and Copenhagen's residents. It aims to bring the Fælledby area on Amager Fælled in Copenhagen to life, acting as a catalyst for the new district and creating a framework for various large and small communities. The school is strategically located on the boundary between Amager Fælled and Ørestad, which will influence the school's identity. Positioned at the transition between urban areas and nature, the school’s architecture is designed to embrace and blend both environments.

The vision for Fælledby is to develop Copenhagen's first district using wood as the primary structural material, in close harmony with nature. The school's vision aligns with this holistic approach by incorporating sustainability into its construction and educational philosophy. The goal is to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to integrate sustainability naturally into their lives. The school's architecture will reflect this sustainable vision, demonstrating how the building itself addresses responsible resource use. Sustainable solutions in materials, usage, and durability are key considerations.

"We are delighted to have won the task of creating Fælledby School, which aims to add value for both children and local residents. We are proud to be entrusted with this significant project and look forward to developing the new school in collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen and the rest of the team," says Thue Borgen Hasløv, partner, architect, and head of C.F. Møller’s competition department in Copenhagen.


Experimental and Responsible
The school’s design and expression should invite students to work actively and project-based, fostering creativity and experimentation, building and utilising their knowledge and imagination, and engaging curiously with their surroundings.

Making students' ongoing work and processes visible through exhibitions and presentations, transparency, viewing spaces, and workshop activities is crucial to supporting creative and exploratory teaching and daily school life.
With its unique location on the edge of Amager Fælled, the school will integrate nature into daily life, serving as an outdoor learning environment and a place to teach respect for and care for nature.
From the initial sketches, the school will meet high standards for its CO2 footprint, with a special focus on the circular economy. It is set to achieve DGNB Gold certification.

Facts about Fælledby School
The school will be a new five-track school (grades 0-9), accommodating 1,400 students and approximately 160 staff members, in the new Fælledby district. The total area for the new school is approximately 18,300 m2, with an additional 7,400 m2 of outdoor space, a significant portion of which is expected to be located on the roof. The school will include facilities such as KKFO (Copenhagen Municipality's leisure scheme), leisure and junior clubs, and a youth centre. Additionally, the school will feature a sports hall and a culinary school, necessitating a production kitchen and dining area. A leisure centre consisting of a club (leisure club for grades 4-5 and junior club for grades 6-7) and a youth centre (grade 8 up to 18 years) will also be established.

The school is set to open in mid-2031.

A total of three teams participated in the competition.

The winning team in the architectural competition comprises C.F. Møller Architects with ABC Rådgivende Ingeniører and Learning Spaces.

Experienced School Architects
C.F. Møller has previously designed Sølvgades Skole, Copenhagen International School, and the School on Islands Brygge in Copenhagen, and is currently working on schools in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany.

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