MOE and C.F. Møller have been picked as the adviser team for a restructuring that will give Hvidovre Hospital in Copenhagen around 90 new patient rooms.
C.F. Møller continues to have an influence on Hvidovre Hospital and New Hospital Hvidovre. In recent years, the architectural practice has, as turnkey adviser, handled various sub-projects at the hospital, including a pilot project for new hospital wards. Now, C.F. Møller, as sub-adviser to MOE, has won the turnkey consulting project for a new ward project at Hvidovre Hospital. "We've been working to optimise the opportunities for what the new wards can and will contribute to the hospital. The result will be better conditions, and add value to the ward experience in Hvidovre. Not only for patients, but also for their relatives and – not least – the hospital staff," says C.F. Møller's project manager, Thomas Käszner. The forthcoming conversion of wards at Hvidovre Hospital is part of the New Hospital Hvidovre Quality Fund project. This project also includes the conversion of outpatient clinics and expansion of the hospital by 30,000 m2 of new construction. Fewer patients A key aim of the conversion of the wards is to upgrade four-bed wards to patient rooms for one to two patients. The rooms will be designed for one patient, with space for one relative to stay overnight, but may also be used by two patients. This ensures flexible capacity in terms of the number of patients admitted. The conversion of the wards is divided into several stages, and MOE and C. F. Møller have now won the second stage, comprising around 3,000 m2. The new patient rooms will be in light, warm colours, to give the clinical space a more homely dimension. Several new technical installations will also make patients' lives easier, including adjustable-height toilets. Special windowpanes will give a view to the corridor, but will also be designed so that the patient just needs to press a button to make the pane opaque, signalling a wish for privacy. The construction process is expected to last until 2019 and will be planned carefully to ensure that the day-to-day running of Hvidovre Hospital is not disrupted by the construction work.

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