COMPETITION FOR THE NEW HØNEFOSS SØR SCHOOL - C.F. Møller. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/T. Bjornstad


C.F. Møller, together with MT Højgaard, has been prequalified to take part in a competition to create a new school in Hønefoss.
Ringerike Municipality has qualified MT Højgaard with C.F. Møller for the project competition to create a new school in southern Hønefoss. The new elementary school will go up to the seventh grade and include a multifunctional hall. "C.F. Møller is currently among the leading architects for the design of schools throughout Scandinavia," says Christian Dahle, associated partner and head of C.F. Møller's office in Oslo, who is looking forward to the Norwegian office having the opportunity to make an even bigger mark on the market. "We have Copenhagen International School in Copenhagen, Tiundaskolen in Sweden and Molde Kulturskole here in Norway. These are all schools that attract attention and have a strong impact on the local community, and this is also our objective with the new elementary school in Hønefoss," he says. Ringerike Municipality has high ambitions for the project, and wishes the new school building's architecture to showcase the complex as a modern, forward-oriented facility. The new elementary school in Hønefoss will be driven by close cooperation with the client and users. The competition is being launched now, and during April the prequalified parties will be able to submit their various proposals for the new school. This competition will be finally decided in June. C.F. Møller and MT Højgaard are one of five prequalified teams. The others comprise XHENT/Vis-a-Vis/Bjørbekk & Lindheim AS, Tronrud Bygg AS/L2 Arkitekter AS/Lark Landskamp AS, AS Ing. Gunnar M. Backe/Miljøbygg/Lille Frøen/Arkitema and Veidekke/HUS Arkitekter/Studio Oslo.


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