New Nordic design series - C.F. Møller. Photo: Merrild Studio

New Nordic design series

In collaboration with Randi, C.F. Møller Architects' designers are launching an iconic new accessory series for the bathroom that is Nordic-based and functional.
New Nordic design series - C.F. Møller. Photo: Merrild Studio
New Nordic design series - C.F. Møller. Photo: Merrild Studio

Cone Collection is the name of an entirely new decorative and functional series of accessories primarily for the bathroom, offering many variations and applications.


The design is based on the shape of a cone cut into slices. The combination of profiles in different materials and finishes ensures a recognisable and cohesive identity for a range of everyday products that contribute to the overall bathroom experience but have very different functions. The conical shape was chosen because of a number of obvious strengths. The clear identity, inherent functionality and excellent operational properties make installation simple and effective.


“The background to Cone is a desire to create a Nordic series offering great possibilities in terms of variation in both expression and price, yet with a clear identity and cohesion. The series will work in many types of buildings and homes with varying budgets and requirements in terms of the bathroom’s décor and expression,” says Jon Brøcker, head of C.F. Møller’s design department.


The elements in the series
Within the framework of the chosen design language, the series includes an affordable variant offering excellent basic functions as well as a multifunctional variant with an exclusive appearance. All the elements can be customised in terms of colour and surface.

The hooks are available in two sizes. The large hook can be combined with a timber disc, so it can simultaneously act as a functional and decorative hook for a bag, a scarf or a coat on a hanger, leaving them at an appropriate distance from the wall.

The series also includes a holder for a toilet roll and a spare roll – both with the same interchangeable fronts as the hooks.


Bathrooms need solutions that are practical but at the same time meet the need for personal wellbeing and style. This duality is reflected in the design of the Cone series, which combines the need for robust operation with customisation.

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