Sustainable story in 1:1 - C.F. Møller. Photo: Visualisering

Sustainable story in 1:1

A trip to the water treatment plant may not sound like the ideal Sunday family outing. Yet this can soon be a real possibility, according to the master plan for the Energy, Climate and Environmental Park that gathers the Hillerød Utility Company's activities at one location.
The Energy, Climate and Environmental Park is a unique combination of energy production, water purification, resource recycling and climate management - in a public, recreational landscape that also has an educational purpose. The master plan for the area was developed by C.F. Møller in cooperation with the Hillerød Utility Company, whose board of directors approved the plan in May. The construction work is not expected to commence until 2015. "We have set the bar high, and the master plan that emphasises both green and blue elements is the perfect framework for our ambitions," says Preben Dissing, project manager at the Hillerød Utility Company. At C.F. Møller, architect and partner Julian Weyer is pleased to have the task of putting Hillerød Utility Company's ideas into practice: "We are very proud of the project as it will serve as a type of mini-model for Denmark's focus on climate and environmental issues. As far as we know, it is the first facility in the world to gather all activities at one location, and take the step of fully involving the general public." New nature area Environmental and climate issues are becoming more and more important items on the political agenda. Not just in Denmark, but also in the rest of the world, a key issue is how to prevent irreparable damage to the environment. Hillerød Utility Company's future Energy, Climate and Environmental Park will be a demonstration park for energy and climate measures, as a forward-looking model for how to take best care of our Earth, as well as a venue where school classes, for example, can see the green message put into practice. The general public can also enjoy the park's climbing areas built up with recycled soil, and walks to enjoy the wetland area's rich bird life. Demonstration park The Energy, Climate and Environmental Park is a project that sets the bar extraordinarily high. The around 50-hectare area will be a new recreational landscape with a purification plant, commercial and household recycling station, geothermal and biomass heat production, test fields for solar, wind and biomass energy, and a head office and learning centre for Hillerød Utility Company. Instead of building a technical facility, rain water is collected from the adjacent residential areas in the newly created nature area.

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