BraWo City. C.F. Møller. Photo: Aesthetica Studio

BraWo City

The mixed-use BraWo City district with offices, retail and apartments, is designed as a new attractive, car-free urban centre for Wolfsburg, where current barren parking spaces and oversized traffic areas are transformed into a green and densified urbanism. The focus starts with the urban context, the urban space and urban life in the city, which is in turn supported by the architecture and the landscaping design.
 BraWo City. C.F. Møller. Photo: Aesthetica Studio


Volksbank BRAWO eG


Wolfsburg, Tyskland


67 436 m2




2:a pris i international arkitekttävling. 2023


Atitar Architektur


C.F. Møller Architects


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 2:a pris i international arkitekttävling. 2023

Thus, the redesigned urbanity intentionally differs from what is “typical” for the heavily car-dominated city of Wolfsburg. Nevertheless, it includes learnings from Wolfsburg to fit harmoniously into the wider urban context. The introduction of two east-west passages creates clearly defined city blocks with an appropriate and human scale. The new passages form attractive routes between districts, designed as successive intimate and leafy urban spaces. The entire area highlights the change from gray to green, thereby strengthening Wolfsburg's future development.

Strategically slanted corners in the blocks scale down the facade lengths, creating defined squares that contribute significantly to urban life and activity at street level. Microclimate analyzes of solar exposure and shading, as well as wind occurrences in urban areas at different times of the year, have guided the identification and sustainable design of these urban spaces.

The building volumes respect the average surrounding heights to ensure a harmonious continuity between the existing city and the BraWo area. Variations in color, material and openings enliven the architecture, and at the same time two urban landmarks are added that form anchor points in the city:

On the one hand, an existing office building opposite the train station is transformed and fitted with a striking “crown” visible from afar, which creates a new city terrace with a rooftop bar and event space. The second landmark is an office tower designed as a slim and elegant volume sitting over the urban block, which aligns with the main visual axes of the city and at the same time completes the Sara-Frenkel-square. All new buildings employ environmentally friendly and bio-based materials and energy efficient principles like natural ventilation.

The landscaping focuses on free and flexible movement for pedestrians, allowing for a continuous flow and maximizing the accessibility of the area. Since all ground floor facades are activated, a variety of green islands are provided for reduced surface sealing. These include water retention and active rainwater use as well as natural places to stay and attractive seating areas.

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