Christiansholm Masterplan. C.F. Møller

Christiansholm Masterplan

Christiansholm – also called Papirøen – is situated in Copenhagen's open harbour, and is currently full of self-developed initiatives and creative trades in the former industrial halls. Papirøen's lively and welcoming atmosphere will be the basis for the new Byens Ø (City Island), with homes, as well as commercial and cultural venues, to ensure urban living full of diversity.
 Christiansholm Masterplan. C.F. Møller


City Development By & Havn I/S


Copenhagen, Denmark


45,000 m²


2015-2016, competition




C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with Tredje Natur


C.F. Møller Architects in collaboration with Tredje Natur

Collaborators, other


  • 2. Prize in international competition. 2016

The island location's many good qualities include close proximity to the harbour, views of the city, outlook to Christianhavn's canal and proximity to the fine old historical arsenal buildings, called Kuglegaarden. In order to retain these qualities and ensure that the homes built on the island receive as much daylight as possible, with harbour views, the buildings will be placed along the perimeter of the island. The buildings will have a lively and dynamic appearance, with varying recesses and heights.

On the ground floor of the buildings there will be business premises and various cultural venues. Cultural activities will take place in six new open halls: the workshop hall, food hall, boat hall, studio hall, exhibition hall and swimming hall. Many of the pillars in the current industrial buildings will be reused in the halls, to emphasise the island's historical transformations.

To preserve privacy and intimacy, the homes will be located on the first floor. There will be residential units of different size and character, to ensure diversity among residents. The culture halls' roof spaces will feature rooftop gardens, for the use of the residents in the area.

Together, the buildings will enclose the centre of the island, creating a green and fertile courtyard space. Between the buildings and the harbour edge there will be a promenade with varying types of squares, enabling the islands' residents and visitors to get closer to the water. Via passages and the open, transparent façades at ground level, there will be openings and views from the promenade into the green courtyard space.

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