Continental tower block, Stockholm. C.F. Møller

Continental tower block, Stockholm

The tower block construction in Stockholm has been planned in connection with the extension of the City Line rail link.
 Continental tower block, Stockholm. C.F. Møller


FOLKSAM in co-operation with:Citybanan, Scandic Hotels, Stockholms Stadsbyggnadskontor, and Stockholms Exploateringskontor


Stockholm, Sweden


20,000 m² (including the hotel 30000 m²)




1. prize in competition. 2009


C.F. Møller Architects

  • 1. prize in competition. 2009

The complex of 100 metres, the equivalent of approximately 30 stories, will include a hotel, offices and possibly housing. The building will be equipped with an entrance to a new station at street level directly opposite the city's old main railway station, Centralen, and will therefore be a landmark for Stockholm's new metro.

C.F. Møller's design is based on a concept of multi-function, a building where many varying uses can take place simultaneously.

The tower draws inspiration from the city of Stockholm, an example of which is Stockholm's largest church Klara kyrka situated right next to the site. The project reinterprets the city's beautiful town hall and classic church steeples, which combined make up the city's historic landmarks and create Stockholm's historic skyline, but at the same time integrates the unique urban feeling defining the area around Centralstationen.

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