Feasability study Larvik station - Skagerraksporten. C.F. Møller

Feasability study Larvik station - Skagerraksporten

The “Skagerraksporten” (Port to Skagerrak) concept weaves together the architecture, public transport hub, harbour promenade and the rest of the centre of Larvik into a new, forward-looking district in Larvik.
 Feasability study Larvik station - Skagerraksporten. C.F. Møller


InterCity, Bane NOR


Larvik, Norway


37700 m² nybyg




C.F. Møller Architects


Dronninga Landskap

Collaborators, other


The main purpose of this feasibility study for the location of the station in Larvik is to ensure sound urban development and to make it a pleasant location for public transport users, pedestrians and cyclists. This objective will be achieved by first establishing a central public square that will form the heart of the Larvik hub. Here, one of Larvik's strongest qualities – its location deep in the Larvik Fjord, with a view of the Skagerrak – can be enjoyed. Secondly, the existing streets will be extended right down to the fjord, and the station will be placed high above the hill, allowing Storgata and the day-to-day urban flow to pass below it. In Storgata, priority will be given to public transport and generous bicycle lanes; and architecture, landscaping and planning will be used deliberately and strategically to underpin and emphasise Larvik’s existing qualities.

The “Bøkehallene” (beech halls) and “Strandhusene” (beach houses) buildings will extend right up to the railway track in a cohesive building mass, as permitted by statutory provisions. North of the railway track lie Bøkehallene, designed in solid beech. They are like a set of “houses” that step down towards the east and towards the west. In this way, they reflect Larvik’s diversity of scale, from buildings like Herregården, to the smallest buildings at Tollerodden. Bøkehallene will include station functions, as well as commerce and services such as a food hall, offices and retail outlets.

The south-facing Strandhusene will include service, commerce and trade, preferably associated with the activities along the harbour promenade. These will also be designed with solid wooden frameworks. In the east of the bay is the “Tollerhavna” residential complex. This is an apartment building of solid wood, which reflects the 17th century character of Tolleroden in solid building carcases with hipped roofs. In Tollerhavna, the “Larvik palette” is used, created from our analysis of the centre of Larvik – to integrate the new quarter with the existing urban skyline.

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