GoBiGas biogas plant. C.F. Møller

GoBiGas biogas plant

A parallel assignment to design a biogas production plant – Project GoBiGas – which uses intermittent combustion primarily of forest residues to produce CNG (compressed natural gas). The assignment was to create a technical plant of high architectonic value in an undulating coastal landscape.
 GoBiGas biogas plant. C.F. Møller


Göteborg Energi AB


Gothenburg, Sweden


23,000 m²


2010, competition


C.F. Møller Architects

The plant will be at a large and highly visible, natural and industrial location on the outskirts of Gothenburg close to the Älvsborg Bridge. It is to be a landmark and a symbol representing the city of Gothenburg's conversion to more sustainable urban development. The buildings' location on the plot was determined by the process, the topography of the site, requirements related to maintenance of a safe distance to neighbouring companies, limitations regarding the vulnerability of this hilly zone and a desire to preserve nature while creating a plant which can be characterised as sober and systematic. The design is based on a layout which echoes the path of the fuel from the mountain via the initial gasification unit to the gas purification plant.

Our primary goal, however, was to give the new plant a clear, unequivocal identity. Varied building volumes are encapsulated in an outer cocoon of metal bars to create a unified design expression. It strongly and clearly symbolises Gothenburg and Göteborg Energi, the local energy company's investment in the site – a striking signature project which highlights strong local commitment to innovative biogas production.

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